Free Blade Refills
for you

We know what it’s like to be running short on blades so we’re here to save the day! Fill out the form here and we’ll send you refills, FREE, and we ask nothing in return.

Promise, we’re not trying to steal or sell any of your info, we’re looking out for our fellow students and we just can’t afford to give away blades to everyone! Just make sure to fill out the form with your student email! :-)

A couple rules that our lawyer made us mention:

  • For now, you can only apply once per promotion, but check back again later, we’re always scheming new ideas for this site!

  • If someone sent you this link, I’m sorry, this promotion only applies for Schools with the sticker. No worries though! If you want a sticker for your school, hit us up anyway, we’ll probably send you one!

  • We can’t send to any address outside of the US.

  • We reserve the right to refuse service if we feel like we need to. Promise, that’s not what we want to do!

What blades do you use? We use #2 here all day.
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