Looking for a more comfortable precision knife? Well the Ergo Kiwi is the solution to your problems! The Ergo Kiwi is an innovative ergonomic cutting tool designed to reduce stress, strain and promote prolonged productivity. 

Extensive Prototyping

We spent 2 years and made over 100 prototypes and wanted to make sure the form and function was perfect before we asked for funding. We sketched, carved, and 3D printed more than 100 prototypes to test and refine the ergonomics as well as the magnet and fastening mechanism.


Designed to fit your hand

The Mechanical Assembly is seamlessly integrated into the handle to ensure countless hours of cutting without pain



Stainless Steel Parts are designed to last where other knife assemblies fail


Designed to accommodate most blades

Currently all Kiwis are sent with 5 #2 blades, known for their durability