Teak ErgoKiwi - TK-03 - For #2 blades

Teak ErgoKiwi - TK-03 - For #2 blades

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We proudly consider ourselves Material Science geeks, and if you or someone you know obsesses over the surfaces and finishes of the world around us, this is the knife for you.

The pronounced feature of Teak is that it offers the superior rot-resistance of any wood in the world. This is caused by a natural resin that permeates the wood, a natural oil similar to rubber. Not only does this rubber make the wood extraordinarily durable, but the finished handle takes takes on a polished sheen without any applying any finish.

We designed the ErgoKiwi to be a tool to last. For the long-time users, every scratch and nick tells a story, about the the craft and experience of the user. Almost poetically, the Teak Kiwi darkens as it ages, offering a literal transformation that’s shared with it’s user.

This is the third release from the ErgoKiwi Test Kitchen. Each release, we’ll be exploring new and unique materials and design concepts as we continue to hone our craft. These releases are small-batch and each Kiwi is uniquely numbered. Each Kiwi comes with a 5 pack of Excel blades and a canvas carrying bag. Any accompanying Kiwi Carrier will be always be labeled and numbered to match your Kiwi as well.

Personalized Laser Etching:
Kiwi Carrier:
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