Azure PaperStone - TK-01

Azure PaperStone - TK-01

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We’ve taken our beloved Paperstone and upped the hue! Meet Azure Paperstone, A truly beautiful material that has left a fine blue dust across our entire studio! All Test Kitchen releases comes in a our Kiwi Carrier, carved from Maple here in our studio, that includes the same batch number as your Kiwi!

For those of you that are new, Paperstone is a sustainable alternative to concrete and traditionally used for counter tops. It has the genuine hand-feel of stone, yet Paperstone is made from compressed, recycled paper and a non-petroleum resin. It’s exceptional durability and unique finish is the reason why we are so excited about it!

This is the first release from the ErgoKiwi Test Kitchen. Each release, we’ll be exploring new and unique materials and design concepts as we continue to hone our craft. These releases are small-batch and each Kiwi is uniquely numbered. Any accompanying Kiwi Carrier will be numbered to match your Kiwi as well.

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