Bocote - For #2 or #11 blades

Bocote - For #2 or #11 blades


People commonly admire the tactile experience of picking up the Bocote Kiwi.  Bocote is a hardwood native to Central America with one of the most beautiful grain patterns we have ever seen.  It is naturally a heavier hardwood, which is evident when holding this Kiwi.    

Interesting fact, when cut, the Bocote secretes a resin that hardens to protect the fibers within.  As a result, it dulls all of our bits and takes much longer to cut.  Alas, this has always been our favorite handle, the one we work with everyday.   

Each Kiwi has been handcrafted in our studio and is mounted with a stainless steel latch to ensure a long, durable future.

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