The Ergonomic Cutting Knife, Born and Crafted in Boston


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The ErgoKiwi was conceived in Architecture School. The design helped so many of our fellow students that we decided to bring it to Kickstarter… and here we are today!


Simple Design, Better Cutting

We've re-imagined the traditional pen knife to be more comfortable and easy to use. The form eliminates the pain and discomfort experienced when force is applied to your index finger. By keeping that joint straight you can work for longer periods of time without interruption.  The organic shape of handle allows you to hold it in a way that's most natural for you.

The Ergo Kiwi is a much safer and easy to use precision knife. It’s essentially your hands new best friend. 



Durability and Function

Not only is the ErgoKiwi designed to last, but like all great design, the magic of the Kiwi is in it’s simplicity. Three simple concepts inspired the design, yet more than two years of R&D have gone into the ErgoKiwi you see today.


Introducing the Plastic Kiwi

We designed the Ergokiwi to last. As product designers, we believe that simplicity leads to beautiful design. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that all the materials we use are the best available, from the wood in our handmade Kiwis to the stainless steel used to manufacture all of our components. While our products may cost a little bit more, they are designed to last much longer than your conventional knife.


Introducing the ERGOKIWI 2.0

It has always been our goal to offer a beautiful, reliable product that is accessible to everyone.

Our flagship handle, the ErgoKiwi 2.0, is exactly that. As product designers, we believe that simplicity leads to beautiful design. The ErgoKiwi 2.0 is designed for #2 blades and offers all the innovations that have made thousands of people fall in love… but at a price that anyone can afford. Made from Acrylic and reinforced with stainless steel hardware, this baby is meant to endure almost anything. We designed the ErgoKiwi 2.0 to last much longer than your conventional knife, we want it to be the last knife you’ll ever need to buy.


Your Kiwi is a Reflection of your craft

Materials are as unique as the individual, each Kiwi material has been chosen for its dynamic physical properties.  Below is the variety of offerings we have available at this time.

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Whats Included:




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