TK-001 - Meet Azure Paperstone

The Azure Paperstone Kiwi was the inspiration behind the Kiwi Test Kitchen blog! We’ve taken our beloved Paperstone and upped the hue! Meet Azure Paperstone, a truly beautiful material that has left a fine blue dust across our entire studio!

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Ergo KiwiComment
Welcome to the ErgoKiwi Test Kitchen

We don’t get out of the studio much so we decided to create the Test Kitchen as a forum for conversation. As we continue to apply creativity to our craft, we hope to engage you all, to get offer your opinions and to help us curate the next direction of ErgoKiwi

As a Makers, we’re always actively looking for new materials and design applications in our work. We realized as ErgoKiwi, we are a brand for Makers, just like us. So we’ve decided to start sharing our work with you all in hopes we can hear your thoughts!

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Ergo Kiwi