As we continue to grow, we have noticed that there a few commonly asked questions people have. If you don’t see an answer here, you can always contact us directly! We’re here to help!



As a general rule, #2 is cut from a slightly thicker plate of steel and more ultimately more durable. It’s our pick of blades… We originally designed Kiwi for the #2. It’s more versatile for cutting a variety of materials, and as we're both architects, we liked our blades to last longer.

We decided to add teh ErgoKiwi for #11 because we have many supporters that are paper artists who need to make extremely precise cuts. The #11 blade tends to dull more quickly, so it’s important to change the blade more frequently.

Though both are very similar, the #11 replacement blades tend to be more affordable blade for those that rely on a razor sharp edge.

Do you ship Internationally?

As long as you live on Earth we can ship to you!  We have sent ErgoKiwis to over 40 countries so far so we’re happy to send it to your home or office as well!  The cost of shipping is based on how much the United States Postal Services charges us, we’ll never charge you any additional fees.   

Does the Ergokiwi work with Swann Morton Blades?

For now, we can only offer the Kiwi for #2 and #11 blades.  We have not been able to adapt the Kiwi for Swann Morton blades yet but you can be sure we will be in the future!

Where can I buy an ErgoKiwi?

We’re pretty new to commercial sales and we’re only in a few stores so far. Not to worry, our entire inventory is available on our products page.

I want to sell the ErgoKiwi in my store, who do I talk to?

We are always looking for new partners to work with!  If you are interested in selling the ErgoKiwi let us know and we’ll get back to you right away!  

How does the blade fit into the handle?

Here’s a little video to help explain how the mechanics work:


The blade doesn’t fit into my Wood ErgoKiwi properly.  What should I do?

Sometimes your Kiwi will be a little tight when brand new, but don’t fret!  Think of your favorite pair of shoes: At first they were uncomfortable, but wear them a while and they fit your feet perfectly.   

Particularly with wood ErgoKiwis, there’s a little science behind this:  The moisture content and temperature where you live may differ from our studio, causing the wood to expand or contract.  We designed the Kiwi to compensate for this, so if it’s a little tight at first, don’t worry, the Kiwi will mold to the shape of the blade.   

We rarely ever encounter any defective products, we are sure to test every Kiwi before we send it out.  It’s our priority that you are perfectly happy with your knife! If you’re still having trouble, let us know right away, we’re here to help!